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Game Train Scotland has been offering guests from around the world the opportunity to explore Scotland with rod and gun for the last 10 years. We have found that the combination of the Royal Scotsman and our carefully selected estates make for the UKs premier sporting adventure. This is one of the most exclusive ways to explore Scotland and experience, without having to unpack, everything Scotland has to offer. From the moment we pick you and your party up from Edinburgh you are enveloped in your extraordinary Scottish Journey. 
On boarding the luxurious Royal Scotsman we head off to explore Scotland for four nights, two days shooting and one day exploring Scotland's West Coast. The train is chartered exclusively for you and your guests and the level of service aboard is second to none. Sit back and relax as Scotland’s stunning scenery glides past and allow our drivers, guides and keepers look after you.
Charles Brownlow (director of Game Train Scotland) has been shooting in Scotland for over 30 years and has been letting sporting holidays in Scotland for the last 12, in that time he has had the luck to build a select but varied portfolio of estates offering fishing, stalking and shooting throughout Scotland. With this experience as both guest and agent he is in a unique position to tailor your trip to you and your guests.



2023 Shooting trips from the Royal Scotsman

Classic Shooting Rail Journey  
Duration 5 days
2 days (150 bird) shooting
Based on 8 couples - 2 days of 150 birds, two nights in hotels.



Highland Shooting Rail Journey  
Duration 3 days and 1 day (150 bird) shooting

New: we will be offering places on board for individuals and couples.
Prices and details on application to Charles Brownlow

All internal transport, shooting, Gun cleaning, food and wine are covered. Prices are all inclusive, except for scheduled airline fares & baggage
fees, all taxes, visas and passport fees, all insurances, taxis, late arrival transfers, gratuities to Train staff, all communications and items of a personal nature. 2. In the event of significant decline in the value of the UK£ to the US$ and/or further increases in the price of fuels etc, single supplements/surcharge(s) may be introduced.

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