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Sporting holidays on board the Royal Scotsman

2020 Shooting trips from the Royal Scotsman

Classic Shooting Rail Journey  
Duration 5 days
2 days (150 bird) shooting
Based on 8 couples - 2 days of 150 birds, two nights in hotels.



Highland Shooting Rail Journey  
Duration 3 days and 1 day (150 bird) shooting

New: we will be offering places on board for individuals and couples.
Prices and details on application to Charles Brownlow

All internal transport, shooting, Gun cleaning, food and wine are covered. Prices are all inclusive, except for scheduled airline fares & baggage
fees, all taxes, visas and passport fees, all insurances, taxis, late arrival transfers, gratuities to Train staff, all communications and items of a personal nature. 2. In the event of significant decline in the value of the UK£ to the US$ and/or further increases in the price of fuels etc, single supplements/surcharge(s) may be introduced.

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