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Fishing and stalking from the train.

This is one of the most exclusive ways to explore Scotland and experience, without having to unpack everything it has to offer. We pick you and your party up from Edinburgh Airport and take you to Gleneagles Station were you board the luxurious Royal Scotsman. From here we head off to explore Scotland for three days fishing and stalking for 4 nights. The train is chartered for you so you have exclusivity. We can also cater for smaller parties from individuals upwards on the regular running of the Royal Scotsman. 

A normal day on board the Royal Scotsman with Game Train Scotland. - Full Charter
The day starts with a stunning breakfast on board the train after which we will split up into our stalking and fishing parties and take you to the hill or river. Those not wishing to fish or stalk arrangements can be made to experience the other many experiences available in Scotland.
Lunch is provided for the fishermen and the stalkers will have their piece (lunch) in their pockets. 
At about 17.00 after your days sport you will be bought back to the train to enjoy tea in the stunning observation car followed by a kip and a shower before drinks and dinner in the state car.

These days can be tailored to suit your needs and it is worth remembering that all of our trips can be tailored to suit you and your party’s needs. We can organise a night either side of the train at the world famous Gleneagles Hotel and we can vary the length of your trip as well. We are also very keen to make sure anyone on the trip who does not want to spend all the time on the river bank or on the hill we look after them to with historic, natural world and retail trips.


Based on the following: Full Charter
9 couples
4 nights on board the Royal Scotsman
3 days stalking for two rifles a day (6 stalking parties)
3 days of fishing for three to four rods
Transport during your trip from pick up to drop off at Edinburgh airport.


Prices from £233,400.00

Smaller parties of 1 upwards:
From £6000 per person. 


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