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Holidays in Scotland 

Holiday in Scotland with family and friends in the off season (Oct – May) High season the rest of the year and discover and experience getting outside and exploring some of the UKs finest wild places, beaches, history with family and friends or simply sit back and enjoy the views with a dram or two.

As a family and with friends we have taken ourselves off to some amazingly inexpensive cottages, lodges and castles through the years. The real world fades away for a couple of days or a week allowing us to simply enjoy each other’s company outside of the usual hectic family life.

Contact me to start your search for your next great escape. We are looking at taking bookings for October 2020 onwards.

Charles Brownlow Ltd holiday referrals, how it works. 

All year round holidays in Scottish cottages, lodges and castles. 

We have broken down the process into a menu where by you can choose how much you spend using the agency. Your agreement will be direct with the estates and you will pay them for the accommodation direct.
All payments to Charles Brownlow Ltd are for the work carried out below:  

1) Agency work: £250
Gaining you availability and dates for estates that fit your requirements and budget.
We will go through the Estates terms and conditions with you, so you are fully aware of the estates cancellation policy. 

2) Introduction to estate: £50
Once we have agreed a date etc, I will introduce you to the estate. You will pay and have a contract directly with the estate for the sport. I am still here as your agent to help you with the booking and with any questions.

The payment of £300 (as above) to Charles Brownlow Ltd is non-refundable in the event of cancellation other than by ourselves. Charles Brownlow remains your agent for the duration of the let and for any loose ends after the let has been taken.  ​

I hope that this has broken down the booking process to make sure you only pay for the work that has been done on your behalf. Because I work for you and not the estate, I have the ability to approach any estate on your behalf whether they use agents or not.

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