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Big Four Fishing Trip

The big four trip is a dream of Charles Brownlows to offer fishing on Scotland’s famous four east coast rivers Tweed, Tay, Dee and Spey. Over the last 8 years Charlie Brownlow has developed a network of estates offering first class Scottish fishing on these rivers.

We would aim to complete the trip within the 6 days of fishing that Scotland allowing us to utilise the variety of accommodation we have to offer.

All travel will be done from 17.00 to the next hotel, castle, lodge or site. The travel is part of the unique elements of this trip and we have the following options:

Trip 1) Helicopter transfers
Trip 2) Chauffer 4x4 transfer
Trip 3) Drive yourself
Trip 4) Camper van
Trip 5) a mixture of the above


Due to the very nature of the options above price are on application.

Should we find that we get flooded off and/or the fishing is unsafe we will have a plan B in place to make sure you are in with a chance of a salmon, sea trout or trout.

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